Cast the Furax Movie

I've heard tell from a number of my readers that The Furax Connection would make a great movie.  My response:  from your mouth to God's ears!  But if it were to be produced as a movie, I'd like you to be the Casting Director.

All right, now that you're the Casting Director, how would you cast its main characters?  [We'll leave the casting of the lesser roles to your assistant!]



Sergeant Sack:

Velma Sack:

Captain Schtung:

Dewey La Droop:

Lieutenant Fuller:

Colonel Harkavy:

Sergeant Wally Marks:

Craig Billington:

Vin Foggerty:

Jerry Krazinski:

Jim Touhy:

Teddy Williamson:

Dr. Stone:

General Haslett:

Beth Haslett:

Emma Durban:

Harley Lutz:

Moe Schwartz:

Sammy Schwartz:

Louis Rosen:

Doreen Rosen:

Hatch Peterson:

The Boys



Rose Applebaum:

Bad News Edmunds:

Type your answers and then paste them into an email to me (sent to me at  Your email should be entitled:  "CASTING THE FURAX MOVIE."

If Furax is produced as a motion picture, I will post on this website the name(s) of the person(s) who got the most casting choices of the main characters correct (when compared with the actual actors selected to perform those roles in the film).

Good luck!