The Furax Connection Quiz

[Just Barely Passing: 19 correct; Marksman 20-29 correct; Sharpshooter 30-39 correct; Expert 40 or more correct.]


What did the envelope which FBI Agent Jinks took from Louis Rosen's sport coat pocket contain?
 2.Name a famous Glencoe luminary.
 3.What profession did Billy consider "mind-numbing"?
 4.What is the first name of the prostitute who initiated Billy into manhood?
 5.Did Billy know that Colonel Harkavy was awarded the Medal of Honor?
 6.What is the first name of Colonel Harkavy's secretary?

By the number of hash marks on his uniform, we know that Sergeant Marks had been in the Army for at least how many years?
 8.Where did Colonel Harkavy attend college?
 9.What is one meaning of the Latin term "furax"?
 10.Where did Craig Billlington come from?
 11.What medical school did Doc Gunderson attend?
 12.What is a "Brass Rat"?
 13.How did Water Walker #7 die?

While Billy and Sergeant Marks waited in the reception area for Colonel Harkavy's return, the Colonel was out on an appointment.  What kind of appointment?
 15.What kind of sandwich did Colonel Harkavy's secretary bring Billy?
 16.What physical infirmity did Harley Lutz suffer from?
 17.How did Billy and the other soldiers identify their belongings?
 18. How long was Billy's first run with Sergeant Sack?
 19.Where did Captain Schtung attend college?
 20.How old is Emma Durban?
 21.What book did Billy check out at the Base Library?
 22. What kind of dog did the Hasletts own?
 23.Who is Benny?
 24.What rank was General Haslett?
 25.What was puzzling Billy as he walked back to his company area from the Haslett home?
 26.What physical infirmity did Jerry Krazinski suffer from?
 27.Who did Velma Sack consider the best surgeon at the Base Hospital?

In addition to suffering from the effects of Tear Gas, what other injury did Craig Billington incur during gas mask training?

At the time of his lecture to the First Sergeant and the Platoon Sergeants, why was sloppy Lientenant Fuller's upper uniform neatly pressed?
 30.Where did Chris Haslett attend college?
 31.At the Haslett family dinner why was Chris Haslett miffed at her family and at Billy?
 32.How did The Boys learn that Chris Haslett was smitten by Billy?
 33.Where did The Boys live?
 34.What main course did Captain Schtung order at his luncheon with Colonel Harkavy?
 35.What was Jim Touhy's rank?
 36.What was Jim Touhy's wife's first name?
 37.Did Billy fire the M1 when he received his first day of training from Jim Touhy?
 38.Did Chris Haslett have lunch with Colonel Harkavy?
 39.What gift did Chris Haslett leave for Colonel Harkavy just before she departed Chicago?
 40.What is a "possible"?

How many bottles of champagne were consumed at the barbeque dinner attended by the Sacks, the Touhys and, later, by Teddy Williamson?
 42.What part of the Sacks' home in Waynesville did Velma dislike?
 43.What is "OJT"?

When Colonel Harkavy learned what Billy's assignment would be after basic training, what did he have Sergeant Marks do?
 45.Where did Chris Haslett and Louis Rosen first meet?
 46.Who received the "Outstanding Recruit Award"?
 47.What was so dangerous about Jerry's performance at basic training graduation?
 48.What writer did Billy quote in explaining to Sergeant Sack why he didn't call the MPs?
Name the three women who went to the Motor Pool to watch Company B depart for war?
 50.What was Joey Storzoni's occupation?